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$400/4 Hours

4 Hour

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$500 - 575/6 Hours

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$600 - 675/8 Hours

8 Hour

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*Trips over 8 hours can be arranged. Please indicate such on your booking form.


[fa icon="plus"] What do I need to bring?
  • Snacks/Lunch (for trips longer than 4 hours)*
  • Sunscreen and SPF chapstick
  • Polarized sunglasses, amber or brown is best for flats fishing.
  • Wind breaker and wind pants. Air temps on the water can be 15 degrees colder.
  • Boat shoes, sandals or flipflops.
  • Camera
  • Hat with brim. A long brimmed hat with a dark underside is preferred.

*Lunch on the river can be arranged if desired (cost not included)

[fa icon="plus"] What type of fish do you catch?
When fishing in Portsmouth, NH the primary fish we catch is striped bass. In Point Judith, RI, we are often looking for false albacore.
[fa icon="plus"] What is the best time of year to catch fish?
Stripers arrive as early as mid May. The most consistent fishing is June and July. September is best for False Albacore in Rhode Island.