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The signature service of Rising Tide Anglers. You'll go on the hunt for blitzing fish as they feed at daybreak or prospect along the rocky shoreline with sinking lines for cruising fish.

Flats Fishing

Transport yourself to the Caribbean. You'll spend a tide searching for striper on the flats of the Piscataqua river as they scour the sand for crustaceans and baitfish.

light tackle

A classic way to catch elusive Striped Bass. When significant distance or depth is involved, reach for the light tackle gear. Perfect for anglers of all levels or those looking to have a relaxing day on the water.

Captain Zak knows his stuff for sure. He had me on fish at nearly every spot we checked. He has a great understanding of the Piscataqua fishery and striped bass in general. We saw and hooked some very nice fish. I had a great time!

- Ted Stiles

Captain Zak was very knowledgable and had a great, positive, attitude on a hard day. It was a blast to fish a flats boat in New England and I will be back on board next year.

- Mark Zaleski

Captain Zak Robinson is a superb guide who knows these waters very well. My best days of the year always seem to be when I'm on the water with Zak! Plus sight fishing with him at the helm is something that you have to experience for yourself, fishing at its finest. Highly recommended.

- Duncan Lake

We had a great day on the water with Zak. He put us on fish in the first 20 minutes at first light and we had a great time chasing them around the bay the rest of the time. Very professional and knowledgeable about the fishery. I wouldn't hesitate in a second to take another trip!

- Jason Powers

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